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The Diploma in Music Performance & Creative Arts is a programme for prospective music professionals. The courses in the Diploma programme is designed as a launchpad into the creative industry. The student is trained with skill compatible to the industry needs. Our courses emphasise REAL practical learning experience coached and delivered by our award-winning music producers, artists, musicians and educators.

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Course Code | ADM-ET2018/20:01

Course title

Advanced Diploma in Music & Entrepreneurship

Course Duration

Full-Time: 12 months (Trimester)

Part-Time: 18 months (Trimester)

Mode of Delivery

Blended Learning

  • Face to face on campus & online instructions

Monday to Friday

Teacher: Student Ratio
  1. Instrumental training | 1:1
  2. Group/Ensemble/Band | 1:25
  3. Classroom | 1:25
Award/Title of Award

Advanced Diploma in Music & Entrepreneurship


Course Synopsis

The Advanced Diploma of Music & Entrepreneurship is the advanced and final study of music at the academy with the final MAKE theme.

The course aims to capitalise the knowledge and experience gained from the Diploma level and apply this knowledge into the Advanced Diploma level. The programme applies a highly practical approach in teaching and students are required to work in a group throughout the programme working on various modules to produce a final case study work by the end of the course as part of their graduation requirement.

The MAKE Advanced Diploma Programme shall prepare and development student with the knowledge of the music business and the creative industry.

The modules shall enable learning on various business contexts such as the essential financial skills, enterprising and the supply chain systems.

The student shall gain essential knowledge in a managerial role in planning and development of project and business including the marketing and negotiating contacts. This final stage will create future musician with strong knowledge of the creative business and skills to starting up his/own business.

Entry Requirements
  1. Age: Minimum 17 years and above
  2. Academic: Diploma of Music & Creative Arts; Minimum completed a minimum of a diploma in any discipline, progression from the Diploma of Music & Creative Arts
  3. Music requirement: Interview from the senior academic member of the academy
  4. English competency: English competency: Local student pass minimum pass GCE O’ level; OR obtain at least 60% in Stanfort Academy English Proficiency Test
  5. Mature working candidate: at least more than 5 years of working experience
Audition & Interview
  • Interview and audition from a senior academic member of the academy;
  • Prepare a most updated comprehensive curriculum vitae for the interview including any portfolio or music productions (if any)

Student Graduate Profile

Student at Stanfort has the choice of studying across different disciplines and ultimately complete music entrepreneurship at the final stage.

Music Label Developer | Music Producer | Artist Management | Concert Management | Event Management | Music School Management | Music Industry Strategist | CEO | COO | CCO | Principal for Schools | Project Management | Entrepreneur | Publisher | Lecturer in Higher Education

Course Structure


Introduction to Finance
Strategic Music Management
Portfolio Career Development (Performance, Songwriting, MIS, Music Production
Enterprise and Business Development
GEX I Advance Music Industry Skills (Performance, Songwriting, MIS, Music Production)


Marketing & Creative Promotion
Event Design
Touring & Festival Management
Self-Care for Creative Professionals
GEX II Music Industry Career Project


Industry Showcase
Case Studies and Industry Analysis 
GEX III Collaborative Music Project


Global Experience (GEX) workshops conducted by industry professionals & artist as the workshop assessments as part of the REAL practical component of the student learning experience.


The Advanced Diploma comprises of a combination of multiple assessment methods depending on the design and nature of the course. Our programme emphasises a substantial amount of practical based elements that would require a combination of different assessment methods:

  • Practical / Live Performance Exam
  • Written Exam
  • Written and Practical Assignments
  • Workshop Assignments
  • Project Assignments
  • Examinations & Assignments: 60%
  • Workshop Assignment: 20%
  • Participation: 10%
  • Ethics: 10%
  • High Distinction (HD) – 90 Marks and Above
  • Distinction (D) – 75 to 89
  • Credit (C) – 60 to 74
  • Pass (P) – 50 to 59
  • Fail (F) – 49 Marks and below


EXPECTED AWARD CONFERMENT DATE | within 1 month after successful completion of all modules

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