About The blended learning

The Hitmaker Blended Learning Concept combines conventional education classroom-based learning with contemporary techniques through the integration of intensive GEX workshops and online learning. Hitmaker offers learning thought real-life practical experience with our qualified and highly experienced award-winning lecturers. 

The Blended Learning Experience aims to revolutionalize the creative industry by integrating the conventional music education study with practical real-time learning via the music & entertainment industry experts


Quality value-added educational Services

Our courses combines both the traditional classroom learning with the hitmaking intensive GEX workshops

Practical-Based Learning

Capitalise your knowledge and put into practise when you work with our GEX Directors on REAL simulated project environment

Real-LIVE learning

Learn with the REAL people in the creative industry. Our GEX Directors are award-winning music producers, engineers & artists

Experience-Based Learning

Learning the REAL stuff from the REAL world-class practitioners. Gain REAL experience while you study with us

Global Experience

Gain worldwide exposure when you learn with our GEX director. We provide you the networking you need while you are studying 


Experience Intense Environment, Face the REAL World, REAL Work, Solving REAL Problem by learning from the Industry Experts. Learn and Practically apply your knowledge while you progressing your way to be the next HITMAKER.

OUR HITMAKING Programme ARE not just a music higher learning, it is an “experiential” higher learning.

Our programmes are designed by the team of highly experienced creative industry experts to simulate the REAL scenario of the real world. Students will expect to study a selection of modules created based on the four themes that is FAME, STAR, LIVE and MAKE. 

Within these themes of specialisations, students expect to learn and practically apply their knowledge in an actual working environment simulated by the REAL Award-Winning Music Producers, Artists, Stage & Events Managers, Agents and etc. The capstone of these four themes shall be conducted via the Global Experience Workshop (GEX) conducted in the various country i.e. Japan, Singapore, USA, China, Taiwan, UK, Thailand, and Australia depending on the modules taken by the student.

Our programmes are conducted in a blended learning approach with a combination of classroom studies, online webinars, workshops, and take-home assignment and research work.


Experience hands-on learning from global award-winning music producer & lecturer

With Stanfort, student gain lifetime opportunities learning and network with the best


Be a Global Professional. Be a Global Communicator.

Being a global professional is an imperative success factor in today’s business environment.  Our aim for all students is being an effective communicator


Access to a pool of travelling high-profile lecturers

Our faculty members are the best in the industry. They are experienced tutors and professional musicians and the best in what they do


Intensive practical working #LearnUnderPressure

The faculty simulate learning by experiencing REAL creative industry environment, where a test of dynamic, volatility and intensity are imminent