The music faculty at Stanfort adopts an advanced teaching methodology in contemporary music learning. The faculty advocates Learning Under Pressure which comprises Practical Application, Real-Time & Real Life Experience-Based Learning with experts across the globe via our Global Experience Workshops (GEX). Our faculty members are renowned GRAMMY-nominated and winners, and various award-winning creative industry experts all over the world. 

The Blended Learning

Our programmes are designed by the team of highly experienced creative industry experts to simulate the REAL scenario of the real world. Students will expect to study a selection of modules created based on the four theme that is FAME, STAR, LIVE and MAKE. 

Within these themes of specialisations, students expect to learn and practically apply their knowledge in an actual working environment simulated by the REAL Award-Winning Music Producers, Artists, Stage & Events Managers, Agents and etc. The capstone of these four themes shall be conducted via the Global Experience Workshop (GEX) conducted in the various country i.e. Japan, Singapore, USA, China, Taiwan, and Germany depending on the modules taken by the student.

Our programmes are conducted in a blended learning approach with a combination of classroom studies, online webinars, workshops, and take-home assignment and research work.

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The Global Experience

Our GEX Directors are musicians and experts from the J-POP Music Group, is an accomplished international complete music production & publishing company. Our worldwide network of talented songwriters and producers to the latest breakthrough projects and artists, and have their music exposed globally. With more than 15 years in the music business: 100 albums, 130 singles, and a multitude of chart-topping hits have added up to over 30,000,000 units sold. 

Global Experience initiatives include:

  • Learning from a wide network of award-winning musician, artist, music producers; 
  • Workshops at various REAL working environment locally and overseas;
  • Masterclasses conducted by tutors and professors from conservatories worldwide; and
  • Working with the Global Experience Directors on REAL simulated commercial projects.

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The Faculty

Our faculty members are highly qualified musicians, artists, with many years of experience not only in teaching and coaching both students and artists and with an impressively wide array of performances in major orchestras and concerts around the world. They are graduate from the top music conservatories or university globally. They are selected based on multiple skills and disciplines including other industry-related knowledge and practices such as financial, media and design, music technology, management and many more.

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Programme Design

Our courses are designed based on the years of experience, research and advice gathered from the creative industry experts. Hence, our curriculum is created to meet the needs of the industry. Our students are trained in 3 levels and 4 areas of training.

Level 1 | Foundation – Classical music training

Level 2 | Professional studies in Contemporary music with 3 major focus in performance, music production and artist development

Level 3 | Business & entrepreneurship studies including music management and professional and industry in-depth analysis

At each level, students are trained in 4 areas of developments, 1.) Performance, 2.) Theory studies, 3.) Musicianship skills, and 4.) Career and professional development.

Student can expect a holistic development in our curriculum including having the choice of studying a huge array of elective modules and a spectrum of global experience workshops.


Student has a choice of 2 pathways leading to a diverse choice of specializations. Student who is interested in advancing in music bachelor and master’s degree, majoring in music performance, musical theatre, contemporary/jazz and composition, shall progress to AMPA. Student completes a one-year Diploma at Stanfort and another year at AMPA to graduate with a Bachelor in Music degree. Student may also progress to study the Master in Music Performance at AMPA for another 2 years.

Alternatively, student can choose to progress to the Advanced Diploma in Music & Entrepreneurship for another year at Stanfort to progress to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Universal Business School Sydney. We are proud to be the only music institution to have a direct pathway to a leading MBA programme including an exemption arrangement by UBSS for the Diploma and  Advanced Diploma programme especially for the Stanfort Faculty of Music. 

Pathway to Australian Academy of Music & Performing Arts (AMPA)

Pathway to Universal Business School Sydney (UBSS)



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